Friday, January 9, 2009

Free calls from your mobile to any other mobile in the world

Fring announced the presentation of the latest earthquake in the area of communications include all shown the world

This presentation from which you can make calls from your cell mobile to any mobile else in the world

Even if it does not contain a SIM card

All you need is to be supported by your mobile wireless

This feature is found in most modern equipment, such as the Nokia 95

What program Fring. . ?

After the program is downloaded to the mobile device which he spoke of the estimated Any people around the world for free through the radio access network [Allowaer not] And appreciates the use of the program features many of them.,

Messenger / Yahoo / Alskai P / Elvis Bok / and much more.,

Commentary followed me

First, enter the site Fring You will find the link at the end of the page or on the left

And follow the steps outlined in the pictures ..


You can take the program from the site to your mobile phone or your computer and will explain the site to Mobile

As shown in the picture were in the blanks with these data

First, the country

Second mobile

The e-mail

After that, he will receive a message on his mobile phone, which gave the site a letter from the Link simply by pressing the mobile will be downloaded via GPRS

After the program became mobile

After loading the program for the mobile intervention program which asks you You choose your network through which relates to the program., Of course, choose the wireless modem followed House .. After which you are requested to settle ID [pseudonym] and add the email., Live your life and then no one wanted miles from anywhere the world Free time you wanted.,

How do I appreciate the call by a person of Fring. . ?

Would have to relate to the person who installed the program by the same steps.,

Add new buddy -> other And add the ID [his nickname]

And has earned connected and related to the list and talk to him free of charge click here to download the Fring.,

This video explained to the work of the program - we advise you that you see